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what is waterjet?

Simply put, a CNC Waterjet uses a 50,000psi of water, focused into a beam by a nozzle, to cut a narrow line into a multitude of materials. The high pressure water is flowed through a computer controlled gantry head for the ability to cut any 2d shape imaginable. A garnet abrasive is added to the waterjet, increasing the cutting power.  Marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic, linoleum, fiberglass, sports flooring, vinyl, and all metals are excellent materials for the waterjet process.

Advantages to cutting with our waterjet?

two employees standing next to waterjet machine
waterjet cutting out drag racing light keychain

Saves raw materials – The narrow stream of water has a small kerf, so parts can be nested together tightly in the programming to optimize use of your material.


Cold cutting – No heat is applied to the material when cutting. This will help with materials that tend to case harden or discolor when cut with heat. 


Cuts virtually any material – If it can get wet, the waterjet can cut it. Cutting soft materials with just water pressure provides a very quick affordable solution for items that couldn’t be cut on other cnc machines. Adding the garnet abrasive allows our waterjet to cut through up to 2” thick steel and any other very hard materials. It can even cut glass.


Environmentally friendly – Cutting with water provides no dust, grindings, chips, or hazardous gasses. No harmful cutting oils or emulsions are needed in the cutting process.


4 Axis cutting – The main benefit of the 4-axis cutting head to compensate for taper, and to make the finished product have completely vertical edges. This is especially useful on thicker materials and when multiple layers of material is stacked.

Our Machine

The waterjet is a 4 axis gantry style machine with a 50” by 98” cutting bed. It features a 50 horsepower hydraulic pump with an external oil chiller, this lets us cut continuously without having to stop to let the machine cool down. This machine has the capability of cutting 4’x8’ sheets of material up to 4 inches thick. 

waterjet cnc machine

Material Edge Quality

an example cut of waterjet finishing

Cut edge qualities range from Q1 to Q5. Q1 is the fastest cut and is used primarily for material separation. Depending on edge finish requirements, slower cutting speeds of Q2 through Q5 are selected. Parts requiring close tolerance geometry will of course require smoother edge finishes in that area of the part. 


Depending on what the cut pieces will be used for, your cuts may require different edge qualities. The Edge Quality directly affects the cost of the job, because it requires more or less time depending on the edge quality chosen. 


Simply put, the slower the machine is run, the nicer the edge quality. Because we charge by the time the high pressure pump is running a Q5 edge will be significantly more expensive than a Q1 edge. We will always quote prices with a Q1 edge unless the customer requests a better edge quality.

Finishing Services

We offer a few different services for finishing your cut material. The natural edge of a waterjet cut piece will have one slightly smooth edge (top) and one sharp edge (bottom). To smooth these edges we offer a few add on services. 


Sanded – Cut parts will be sanded by hand. Edges will be smoothed out and deburred. Any edge or hole that is small or cannot be sanded will be deburred with a file. Most surface rust or scale will be removed.  Surface will have sanding marks, edges may still have some marks depending on cut edge quality chosen.


Tumbled – Cut parts will be run in our vibrating tumbler. The tumbling service will smooth out all edges and surface of material. This service will remove most rust and scale. Will leave parts with smooth finished surface. Many different surfaces are available from rough “sandblasted” finish to ultra-smooth “almost polished” finish.  This service is limited by the size of our tumbler so be sure to confirm part size when asking for a quote. Edges may still have some marks depending on cut edge quality chosen.


Painted/Powder Coated – Need your parts completely finished? We offer painting service on all size cut parts and powder coating on small parts. Custom paint is available on nearly any surface. In house powder coating can be done on parts smaller than 


Welding/Assembly – Need your project completely finished? We can make your idea a reality! When you can’t find that part you need, we can make it for you.  We can build sheet metal parts, signs, displays, and even custom trophies. We also work with plastics and fiberglass. From one single part to a production run, we can handle it. You can click the SWR tab in the top left corner for more information on our fabrication.

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